Can Technology Improve Your Sleep? 4 Gadgets Put To The Test

Can Technology Improve Your Sleep? 4 Gadgets Put To The Test



By administering a tiny electrical current to your ear lobes for 20 minutes a day, the Alpha-Stim helps ease insomnia (IBTimes UK)

Alpha-Stim AID – £450

Here’s a left-field gadget if ever there was one, and to be honest the Alpha-Stim is intended more as a medical device than a consumer gadget. But we were offered the chance to try it out and, curious as ever for new tech, we gave it a whirl.

Currently being trialled by the NHS, the phone-sized Alpha-Stim stimulates alpha waves in the brain and limit sleep-affecting delta waves. The device clips to your ear lobes and produces microcurrents of electricity.

A boost in naturally-created alpha waves is claimed to reduce depression and anxiety, while too many delta waves during the day harms sleep at night. The makers of the device claim an 85% success rate in improving the sleep of insomniacs by limiting their delta waves.

Conclusion: The Alpha-Stim AID. We were aware of the device doing something because, as we had been warned, turning it up too high can result in feeling a bit dizzy. Put back to level three of five and used for 20 minutes daily it made us feel more relaxed and generally happier, which even for someone without the clinical need for such a device, is hard to put a price on.